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Live Show
Image by Jakob Owens

Live Streaming Service

There are many occasions in our lives when friends and loved ones can't make the trip to join us in person. So we created Live City 360, a live streaming service to share any occasion or event in your life and be able to share it with anyone around the world on any device.

Capture LIVE and share moments
Weddings | Engagements | Birthdays | Graduations | Milestones

Live stream a Celebration of life
Memorials | Funerals | Services | Scattering Ashes

Image by Kushagra Kevat

1 Camera

Simple Package

We have 1 mobile or stationary camera to stream the live event.

Image by Matt Walsh


Custom Package

Not sure what you need for your Live Stream? Set up a consultation today.

Image by Junior REIS

2 Cameras

2 Views Package

2 Cameras

1 mobile camera and 1 stationary


2 stationary (Wide angle | Close up)

Image by Pablo Lancaster Jones

360 Camera

360 Package

One 4k 360 camera captures every angle from a designated spot or moved around as needed.

Let's talk about the details

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