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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use Zoom for your virtual tours?

No, this is a 3D 360-degree tour, where you can see every angle of a business. This can be a guided or self-guided tour.

How do people access the tour?

People will access the tour in multiple ways. The 4 main ways are:

  1. Through your own website/social media.

  2. On Google Street View

  3. Through a city tour, you are connected with.

  4. Through City 360 Tour site.

How does a tour help my business?

Using a tour gives your customers a better idea of your business. Do you have event space, unique services, great process, or anything about your business that most people are drawn to when they are visiting you? A Virtual tour can show people everything about your business with interactive video, menus, art, processes, and so much more. Your tour is only limited by our imaginations, and your new customers will be eager to visit in person once they see what you are all about virtually.

How much does a tour cost to create?

Tours range in price, based on the size of the facility we are photographing as well as how much interactive content we are placing within the tour. Book a free consultation to get on our schedule.

How long does it take to create a tour?

Currently, we are able to start taking photos and creating interactive content 2 weeks after the consultation.
Depending on the size of the tour and content the usual build time is 5 - 15 business days.

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